My Life In A Nutshell

My Early Years

Having been born in 1955, my earliest memories were as a small boy in East Meadow, NY (Long Island) when there were still farms amongst the expanding neighborhood houses. We then moved to the Harbor Green section of Massapequa (near Fort Neck, Joey Buttafuoco & Jerry Seinfeld) which was mostly sand dunes from filled in swamp land and where I spent most of my childhood.


My mom stayed home, raising my sister and me although she was also very social in the schools, neighborhood and an activist in Hadassah. Besides being a part owner of Duro Dyne Corporation, a manufacturing & distribution business in the HVAC field, my dad also had many artistic talents; dabbling in carpentry, painting, clay work and photography.  It is here where I first learned photography, sharing a darkroom with my dad, learning to roll my own film and develop B&W pictures.


As my dad’s business grew and became more successful, we took many family trips together.  In the early years we traveled locally. I remember trips to the LI Game Farm, the Bronx Zoo, NYC, Howe Caverns, and Fort Ticonderoga. Later we took trips to Europe and the Mideast (my parents, always the adventurous ones, also traveled to Australia and mainland China). Always with our cameras in tow, we were constantly taking pictures both with film and slides.


Middle Years

I went to Massapequa High but was not focused on academics at the time. I found interest in joining various clubs (Environmental Biology Club, Chess Club, etc) and eventually became Photography Editor of both the school newspaper and year book. I was deeply involved in the Boy Scouts (hiking and camping every month) and even went on the 13th World Jamboree in Japan.


I started college studying Architecture (first at NYIT in Old Westbury, NY and then in Syracuse, NY) but eventually changed to Business Management (Finance). My first jobs were with the family business (working on the assembly line and in shipping but eventually doing drafting/designing and then inventory control).


After college, my dad sold the family business and I started working at various other companies in Sales/Engineering and then Production Control. I started becoming involved in computer implementations where I had a knack and keen interest. Eventually earning an MBA in Information Systems, I made this my career. 


I worked for several different companies and was very successful at what I did. I met a wonderful woman named Jane who became the love of my life. We have now been happily married for over 30 years. We have a daughter, Rosie, who struggles (as most young adults do) but is starting to find her way.


My last full-time position was a VP of Technology for a large, multi-national manufacturing and distribution business in the Aerospace industry.



I am a business geek. I do IT Consulting where I help companies implement systems and technologies, develop best practice policies and procedures, and develop SOX controls. I educate and teach when and where I can. This keeps me busy and “off the streets”.


When I am not doing my IT thing, I am free to grow & expand my interests. Having pretty much put down my camera after high school, I got back into digital photography when I turned 50 and never looked back (the advantages of digital image capture greatly exceeding that of film). Having spent a large portion of my life in learning and using technology I find great fun and reward in post processing, exploring my creativity and helping others do the same.


Soon after getting my first DSLR (Nikon D200) I joined the Huntington Camera Club (HCC). For those just getting into photography and looking for help or just others to share the same passion, I highly recommend seeking out local camera clubs in your area. You will be able to learn and grow in ways you may not even be able to imagine. With over 100 members, the HCC is one of the largest photography clubs on LI; offering lectures, workshops, guest speakers, and monthly competitions on a regular basis. Most importantly we have a Mentor Program as well as the ability to socialize with others of similar interests and vastly diverse backgrounds, experiences and expertise.


After about 6 years I earned “Master” Status in all the HCC Categories where I competed. This included color prints, black & white prints and digital projected images. Shortly thereafter I upgraded to my first full frame DSLR; the Nikon D600. At about this time my work started to change. I became less interested in competitions and more in exploring the technologies of digital photography and creating images with more feeling and impact.


I now shoot with the Nikon D850. Many of my images have won awards (not only within the HCC but from various national contests and galleries) but my passion is mostly in learning more and teaching others what I have learned. I have mentored some and given many lectures about photography and different concepts and techniques.

I hope you have enjoyed my web site. If you check out my blog (once I get this started), I hope to be able to share additional insight, knowledge and experiences.